Sony Airpeak drone release date, price, rumors and news

The Sony Airpeak drone was officially announced at CES 2021, with Sony offering an exciting first glimpse at its new flying machine through a series of product shots and an impressive promotional video. 

And what an entrance it was, with Airpeak filmed soaring above a snowy landscape and carrying a Sony A7S III, as it kept pace with a prototype Sony Vision S car at a race track.

The short demo video emphatically answered our main question about Sony Airpeak  – what kind of drone will it be? With its mildly terrifying wingspan, nifty retractable landing gear and high-end Sony Alpha payload, there’s no doubt that this will (for now) be a drone for professional cinematographers.

(Image credit: Sony)

New information points to the same conclusion, which is a slight shame for those of us who were hoping Sony might tackle DJI head-on in an aerial photography dogfight, with an equivalent of the DJI Mavic Air 2

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