Did Philly Chefs Create a 510-Foot-Long Cheesesteak Sandwich? | Snopes.com

In late May 2021, friends of a South Philadelphia restauranteur decided to make his birthday one to remember by assembling a massive cheesesteak sandwich feast. News reports said the sandwich was 510 feet long, although some on social media said it was longer.

To celebrate the birthday of Rene Kobeitri, the owner of Rim Cafe in South Philadelphia, local chefs assembled a 510-foot-long chain of cheesesteak sandwiches, which spanned three city blocks.

The Philadelphia Metro newspaper reported that chefs from different types of restaurants constructed an international feast. “For example, Chef Christina Martinez of South Philly Barbacoa created a Mexican cheesesteak; Chef Mike McKinley of Yakitori Boy created a Japanese cheesesteak; and Chef Dian Widjojo, owner of Hardena Restaurant, created an Indonesian cheesesteak, to name a few.”

Some questioned on social media whether the creation constituted a single sandwich, per se, because photographs showed that it was made out of separate sandwich buns.

To be fair though, we don’t know of a way the bread could be one bun without a 510-foot-long bread oven.

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