Dashblock 2.0 – Turn any website into an API | Product Hunt

Hi everyone,

We are excited to launch a brand new version of Dashblock that allows you to build web automations without coding and run them from an API.

You can collect data and perform actions on any website, even when authentication is needed. Some use-cases you can easily solve :
– Collect data in real-time
– Monitor your competition
– Fill forms and book appointments
– Automatically checkout products
– Download invoices or reports
– Generate leads automatically
– Test your website

We also provide third-party integrations (Zapier, Slack, Google Sheets…) to plug your automation with existing APIs.

Behind the scenes, we use a proprietary ML model that can identify elements on web pages and make your automation resilient to html updates. You don’t need to use CSS Selectors or XPath again !

– Hugues Pouillot


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