What is this product and what is it 
supposed to treat?

At first glance, this product is nothing unusual. Just another ointment to relieve pain and discomfort associated with joint or spine bones damage. There is actually a lot of such products on the market and they have one feature in common: all of them only mask the problem. Analgesic ointments work, they clearly reduce pain and improve the quality of life. However, pain has its reason. It’s the body’s warning that something is wrong. When we mask the pain, we return to normal functioning and quickly contribute to the deterioration of the joints.

This is where the main difference exists between ordinary ointments and the Arthrolon product. As the manufacturer boasts, the composition has been developed in such a way that it works in a two-phase manner of sorts. On the one hand, the ointment relieves pain and, according to the assurances, it’s supposed to happen the first time it is used.

The second phase, however, is regeneration. The ingredients contained in the product are to retain calcium in the bones [1] and also provide large amounts of collagen [2]. Thanks to this, the bones are to become stronger and the damage to visibly regenerate.

As a result, the product can be used not only by those who are already struggling with pain. It is also recommended as a preventive product, so it is recommended for people who are young or very active physically.  Its use is in this case is to reduce the risk of damage.

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