API monitoring: taking visibility to the next level

The reality of modern applications is that what a user sees is an entirely different story to what is going on behind the scenes. In an ideal world, they would have a seamless digital experience, and come away from an online purchase or interaction feeling content with their experience and thus with the company in question. That said, these seemingly simple transactions or interactions can involve countless interdependent internal and external services that need to work together, often over the Internet, to execute an application workflow.

About the author

Ian Waters is Senior Director of EMEA marketing at ThousandEyes.

The explosion of technological advancements like the Internet, cloud computing and mobile in the last few years has led to a paradigm shift in application architectures. Said architectures have become more modular and service-based as opposed to the previously monolithic format, where one single piece of code would support various modules and functionalities. As a result, they now depend on many external third-party services, backend integrations, and cloud APIs.

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